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Three specially selected complimentary scents layered in an appealing 4.5 to 5 pound loaf makes an attactive for the buyer. Can be sold as a loaf or cut and sold by the slice.


A wide variety of 4oz soap bars. Larger than what you typically see, vegetable glycern soap with natural scents. Available with a variety of exfoliants.

Italian Bottles

Beautiful 200ml (app. 7oz) glass bottles add style and eye catching appeal to your lotions, gels, oils or bath salts. Can also be used for attractive foods such as flavored vinegars.

Italian Jars

Cute 106 ml (almost 4oz) can be used for a variety of bath, food, or candle ideas.

  • Scents: make your own candles, soaps, home fresheners, bath products with these great smelling scents. Sold in small quantites so you can just dabble a little or bulk to really bang out the product.
  • Various basket supplies.

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